Cece Karz

I grew up in a house filled with contemporary art. My parents raised me to have a deep love, appreciation, and knowledge of art and how to create a collection that has a point of view. In my bedroom, I had a painting by Sam Francis. His abstract drips and splashes morphed into many things for me in my childhood: people, animals, places. My imagination created a whole world in that painting.

After college, I went to work in the film industry. All the while, I roamed galleries and museums, read about art, and visited private collections. Over the years, I saw my favorite paintings and sculptures so often they became like old friends, and I thrilled at seeing them again and again. Here in L.A., I watched MOCA, LACMA, and the Hammer Museum, along with others, change and grow. Most recently, I saw the birth of The Broad. My taste matured along with the art in my city.

My husband and I began collecting art when we got married. We did so with a bias toward works that would spark the minds of our three children. We took them along on our gallery visits, where I started a tradition of not overstaying. The “one-hour” rule was simple: After 60 minutes, they could opt out and go for ice cream. This way, art never became a chore for them, and we got to show them what my parents had shown me: a world where some of the greatest minds grappled with life’s questions, conflicts, and beauties.

Friends have always asked me to recommend what to see in Los Angeles and beyond. When they decided to start their own collections, their first call was often to me. They trusted my eye. Their purchases brought joy into their lives. The work often rose in value, and the word spread.

That’s why I started Cece Karz Art. When I offered my first tour, I filled the 30 spots in a day. Since then, each tour has been reserved just as quickly. People in L.A. are learning that there is spectacular, moving, important, resonant art right in their own city, and they are eager to see it. I make it easy to do, and fun. These aren’t lectures. We look at art together. I tell you what I know, and you tell me what you think.


Bringing art into people’s lives by donating art tours is among our greatest joys. We are proud to work with Matthew McConaughey’s J.K. Livin Foundation, an organization dedicated to empowering high school students by providing them with the tools to lead active lives and make healthy choices for a better future. Cece Karz Art donates art tours to students from J.K. Livin programs in L.A. to give them a jump-start on art appreciation. If you’re a nonprofit and you’re interested in partnering on an art tour, please contact us.