Art Advising

One thing we’ve learned from leading tours to galleries is that people often discover art they love and feel moved to acquire it. In our experience, many people are unsure how best to go about making a purchase. If you decide to buy, how do you negotiate the price? If you have a consultant, does his or her discount get passed along to you? Galleries can intimidate even the most sophisticated collector, never mind the modest art enthusiast.

Cece Karz Art’s advisory business was born out of the need to help navigate this process. Most of all, we believe in transparency. We will negotiate the best price on your behalf and keep you informed throughout. We ask for similar transparency from you. If we show you something you like, whether it’s during a tour or elsewhere, we expect you to acquire it through us. Winnowing the L.A. art world down to the very best work takes time and expertise.

Our services go beyond the gallery tours. We meet clients at home to learn their tastes and help create goals for building a collection. We assess the space they have for art and work within their budget. Then we get to work to find the pieces that will fit both. One of our favorite services is collaborating with clients to curate their own collections by finding new places to showcase their art.