Art Tours

We curate each of our tours, looking for art that will move our audience. We always map our day to maximize time at the places we visit and time at the table afterward, sharing our thoughts and synthesizing what we saw. You’ll see the big names, and the hidden treasures, that we think are poised for greatness. Often, in private galleries, a piece of work will inspire a purchase. Please see the Art Advising page for what to do on tour if you see something you’d like to buy.

Los Angeles Cece Karz Art Group Tours

Group Tours

This is our standard offering. The group is up to 15 people, and the tour lasts between three and four hours. Breakfast, lunch, or dinner at one of L.A.’s most fabulous restaurants is provided, depending on the time of day. Sign up on your own and meet new people, or bring a friend. If the tours of your choice are already sold out, please contact us to join a waitlist. Please click below to see our exciting upcoming tours.

Los Angeles Cece Karz Art Private Tours

Private Tours

We will take you out on your own, with your partner, or with a small group of friends and family. A private tour is perfect for a special occasion, when family or friends come to town, or as a holiday gift. We’ll design a tour especially for you after learning your tastes and interests. Prices are determined by the size of your group and what you’d like to see. Please call us about this option.

Los Angeles Cece Karz Art Corporate Tours

Corporate Tours

Seeing and discussing art is an effective way to build communication within a team. It takes people out of the office and gets them thinking about new things. An art tour followed by good food, wine and conversation is also a nice reward for your hardest-working employees and your best clients. Please call us to discuss your options.